For our team, which serves the sector and tries to ensure customer satisfaction in every field, customer awareness and awareness of producing quality products are extremely important. Having these dynamics, new personnel to be recruited go through various interview processes and competency analysis tests in accordance with the requirements of human resources management. Acting in accordance with “appropriate personnel for the appropriate position”, personnel are procured within the qualifications specified in the job descriptions and within the competence map of HasTavuk. New personnel are assessed and placed in a job after receiving orientation training in line with the human resources policy. Performance evaluation and career planning system is implemented within HasTavuk. Accordingly, all employees determine their own performances each year based on the rate of achieving their departmental targets and their competency-based assessment results. In today’s world where everything changes rapidly, companies that can keep up with this change and development process will survive. The necessary element for this is knowledge. For this purpose, as human resources, we have adopted this philosophy as our policy. In our company, it is aimed to reach company goals and contribute to the realization of career plans of our employees by providing technical and individual development trainings. In line with the awareness that the basis of development and being a leader is human resources, we will be happy to reach our goals together with you.